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As technology and access to media changes and evolves, ProPix has also created an infrastructure ecosystem to enable our customers to take the same growth paths that their peers, pursuits and their clients are demanding.

We would like to announce the launch of our new website and online store  geared towards servicing the needs of video content creators. Considering that a large section of our customers are shooting video for the web, TV or video content, Film Gear is designed to help indie movie and filmmakers, video content creators and professional cinema with the best online camera shop and shopping experience in India.

As always, we will continue to provide best in class service, in terms of products, shipping, and of course, services that you have come to expect of us.

Here are a few catalog of products that you can expect to find when you try to buy cameras online in India on proudly handles the following brands and more - Canon EOS Cinema, Azden Prosessional Microphones, Tascam Audio Recorders, Zoom Audio Recorders, Rode Microphones, Tripods, Vanguard Supreme Hard Cases, DSLR Cameras, Lenses, Zeiss DSLR, Zeiss Compact Prime Cinema Lenses CP.2, H4n SP/EG.

Film Gear handles a few carefully curated affordable products designed to help our customers get the most out of their budgets, considering that most movie makers and indie film makers are indeed, independent story tellers, without the budgets of larger production houses.  

At FilmGear, we know what we are talking about, because we ourselves shoot a lot of content for clients, most of which are commercials and advertisements, and a lot of content  is used by our clients on the Internet, or at seminars or internal or external education sessions.

Best Natural Beaty Products & Cosmetics

I have been on an extended assignment with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic, overhauling a few things, shooting a fair bit of stills and video, and a whole lot more.

About the client. They are a wonderful bunch of motivated professionals with a fair share of creative energy bubbling through. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic manufactures and sells beauty products. These products are completely natural, with no chemicals, parabens or anything else that can harm you. Everything, and I mean everything, is so completely safe in these products, that Dr.Blossom Kochhar says, "If my products are safe enough to eat, then its definitely safe enough to put on your skin." This philosophy comes through in everything that the company does.

Aroma Magic products are completely natural, with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Even the fragrances they use are essential oils... This is the online store, created to help anyone across India to be able to buy Aroma Magic Products online

Another thing to remember is that the entire range of natural beauty products by Aroma Magic is hand created personally by Dr.Kochhar, using aromatherapy as the binding and guiding foundation philosophy. Whether it is a natural beauty product for  skin care, hair care, or serums and kits for salon professional, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic has it all. You can find out more at

Photography Workshop - Discount For Facebook Fans

ProPix Photography Workshop is happy to announce a discount to ProPix Facebook fans. A new 2D bar code on our "Discount" section on the ProPix Facebook page carries an embedded code. All you need to do is send it to us via SMS or by email, and avail a huge 25% saving!
This discount on the Making Pictures photography workshop is time limited and has an expiry date.

Making Pictures - Photography Workshop In Bangalore

I was going through about 4TB of archived images at ProPix. I was looking for something that I could post here, and found a comparatively recent one that I liked. This was a studio shot, and I use it
extensively during our photography workshop in Bangalore. This picture has all the right things going for it, in terms of model, exposure, and the "look" that the light gives her face.

The large soft-box on an Elinchrom 23 strobe wraps soft light on the subject. The environment, in this case, a black background, is left unaltered. I did have the option of a rim light to isolate her from the
backdrop, but decided to leave it alone.

The result was beyond what I expected.

Making Pictures - Photography Workshop By ProPix, Bangalore

The Making Pictures series of photography workshops, by ProPix Bangalore has been re-activated due to a volume of demand that was, un-anticipated, to say the least.

The basic promise of this photography workshop is to help people move away from just "taking pictures" to start "Making Pictures"... Over the past several years, these workshops by ProPix have grown to become two solid days of hands on training sessions, balanced with class room learning, covering everything you will need to know about photography. The workshop addresses everything, like mastering the fundamentals of exposure, composition, aesthetics, photography gear, handling lighting situations outdoors and in the field, basic studio and location lighting, and also constructive peer review.

ProPix photography workshops have a reputation for bringing your own creativity to the fore, while you challenge yourself with new found knowledge and skills. ProPix brings to the table a wide variety of photography gear, allowing you to touch, feel, experience and learn as you go along.
It really does not matter, if you have a few days, months, or years of experience, because, we always have something that you can learn. It doesn't matter whether your interest is wildlife photography, nature, portrait, street, still life, or commercial, you will find that the Making Pictures Photography Workshops will fit your needs, perfectly.

We have had a lot of people who have attended photography workshops by ProPix, and then gone on to participate in contests, and even winning awards. This is more so because we allow you to exercise an option to join a recognized/accredited organisation, which in turn opens a whole host of doors in the photographic community, globally.
All workshops are scheduled for weekends, allowing for the relaxed environments that lead to a fun filled learning experience. Of course it helps that a good lunch is included.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

This is a long overdue update with some frequently asked questions that we have been answering:

Ques: Where is your store?
Ans: ProPix is a camera store in Bangalore. Being based in Bangalore also allows us to have a pan India delivery footprint. We are servicing orders from all four corners of India. Our customers are from almost every state in India.

Ques: What products do you carry?
Ans: ProPix carries almost every product related to photography. These include cameras, tripods, lenses, camera bags, memories, filters, tripod heads, clamps, studio lights, camouflage for wildlife and nature photographers, and so much more.

Ques: If you are a Bangalore camera shop, how come I have not heard about you?
Ans: Yes, ProPix is a Bangalore camera shop, but you have not heard about us, probably because of the type of market we cater to. Our largest group of customers are serious enthusiasts and professional photographers. Our marketing and reach is almost exclusively by word-of-mouth, and through our web presence.

Ques: Why is it that you promote DSLR cameras more than you promote compact cameras?
Ans: The products that we sell have nothing to do with a specific type, or brand for that matter. We stock and sell products we are confident will perform to a level of reliability and ruggedness that we are sure will not embarass us. e.g., we would not recommend you buy an entry level camera, if you like occassionally take the camera out to just take photographs of things that interest you, or something that you fancy. We would at that point recommend something a little better than the entry level point and shoot camera. Prices for compact cameras, range between Rs.6,500 to Rs.19,500, and we usually recommend something between Rs.10,000 to Rs.17,000 depending on the features that a customer needs. We will sell you a DSLR only if need a DSLR. Not because we want to sell you a DSLR camera.

Ques: Are Carl Zeiss lenses compatible with all Nikon cameras?
Ans: The correct answer to that question is, "It all depends". Carl Zeiss ZF lenses for the Nikon F mount is fully compatible with all the pro-bodies like D100, D200, D300, D700, D3, D3x, F6, etc. With all the other bodies, you will be able to mount the lens, but it will work only in fully manual mode, i.e., it will not give you any metering information.

Ques: Are Carl Zeiss lenses compatible with all Canon cameras?
Ans: The correct answer to that question is, "Yes, and No". Carl Zeiss ZE lenses for the Canon EOS mount is available in the 50mm and 85mm focal lengths and is fully compatible. However, you can still use other Carl Zeiss lenses (or even Nikon/Nikkor lenses) with your Canon camera with the correct lens adaptors.

Ques: What camera lenses do you stock?
Ans: ProPix stocks an entire range of camera lenses in Bangalore. Our camera shop in Bangalore has an in-store stocking of most common lenses, and stocking is usually seamless. Our ordering process is mature and rugged, as is our delivery and payment systems. We pride ourselves in the fact that in all our years of business, we have not had even a single customer who has come back to us with the feedback that we had recommended a wrong lens.

Ques: Why do you always recommend a UNI-LOC tripod?
Ans: A large chunk of our customer base consists of outdoor and wildlife photographers.
In our experience, we found that the UNI-LOC system tripods are perhaps best suited for outdoors, wildlife and nature photography than any other tripod, including the likes or Manfrotto, Gitzo or Giotto. The bottom part of all UNI-LOC tripods are waterproof and submersible in water or mud, without incurring any damage to your tripod. In the same breath, the UNI-LOC tripod performs just as well in the confines of a studion or indoors. The UNI-LOC System Tripod allows you to convert your tripod into a monopod in moments! So you get a tripod AND a monopod, for the price of a tripod!

Ques: Why should I buy my Canon or Nikon camera from ProPix?
Ans: We have a different approach to your camera buying needs. We will find out from you what you want to shoot, or how you intend to use your camera, and then give you a set of options best suited for your needs. We will bring our entire experience in the industry to bear, and help you decide on a particular model. Unlike some of our competition, we do not sell refrigirators, microwave ovens or mobile phones. We specialise in cameras and photography. We believe we are best equipped to help you decide on a photography related matter, than that person who also sells microwave ovens and refrigerators.

UNI-LOC Tripod a.k.a., Uniloc Tripod

ProPix introduces UNI-LOC Tripods to the Indian photographic industry. These tripods are made in England, and are respected the world over by professional photographers, enthusiasts, amatuers alike.

Acclaimed the world over as the professional's tripod, Uniloc Tripods are known for their reliability, ruggedness and the lasting value it brings to your equipment list.
At ProPix, we have a loyal list of UNI-LOC customers who have been using the Uniloc tripods long enough to understand and appreciate the true value of having a tripod system that keep growing and evolving with you, just the way your own needs and skills grow and evolve.
Some of the really wonderful features about the UNI-LOC Tropods include:

  • Abilitiy to be be deployed into positions that are virtually impossible by other tripods.
  • Extremely rigid platform that even allows you to position the camera at ground level.
  • Water proof lower legs, gives you the freedom to safely deploy the tripod in water, mud and slushy surfaces.
Bangalore based, joins hands with Envoy Uniloc to bring you sales and also service and support for UNI-LOC tripods.

Another New Carl Zeiss Lens 21mm f/2,8

The team at Carl Zeiss seem to to have dedicated this week just for announcements. Along with the Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 and the Planar T* 85mm f/1.4, Carl Zeiss has announced another new lens to be added to the SLR line-up, the legendary Distagon T* 21mm f/2.8. Ideal for all wide angle requirements, including architecture, landscapes, journalism and anywhere else a lens like this can contribute. Being introduced for SLR cameras with EF (Carl Zeiss for Canon), F (Nikon Mount) and K (Pentax mount) bayonets, these lenses are expected to hit the shelves by the the year ending 2008.
ProPix has always been suggesting the Zeiss lens because of its' ability to render colors, and images just the way a photographer imagines it to be. Freedom to create images, rather than just taking pictures, is how we look at it.
Carl Zeiss 18mm f3.5 was a surprise even for us, but the 21mm f/2.8 nicely rounds off a gap that has existed for some time. I personally can't wait to get my hands on one. Bangalore offers so many photographic opportunities, both for the professional photographers, and also for serious enthusiasts. a Carl Zeiss wide-angle as a walk around lens which can also perform well in low light is an excellent tool to add to the camera bag.