UNI-LOC Tripod a.k.a., Uniloc Tripod

ProPix introduces UNI-LOC Tripods to the Indian photographic industry. These tripods are made in England, and are respected the world over by professional photographers, enthusiasts, amatuers alike.

Acclaimed the world over as the professional's tripod, Uniloc Tripods are known for their reliability, ruggedness and the lasting value it brings to your equipment list.
At ProPix, we have a loyal list of UNI-LOC customers who have been using the Uniloc tripods long enough to understand and appreciate the true value of having a tripod system that keep growing and evolving with you, just the way your own needs and skills grow and evolve.
Some of the really wonderful features about the UNI-LOC Tropods include:

  • Abilitiy to be be deployed into positions that are virtually impossible by other tripods.
  • Extremely rigid platform that even allows you to position the camera at ground level.
  • Water proof lower legs, gives you the freedom to safely deploy the tripod in water, mud and slushy surfaces.
Bangalore based ProPix.in, joins hands with Envoy Uniloc to bring you sales and also service and support for UNI-LOC tripods.

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