Making Pictures - Photography Workshop By ProPix, Bangalore

The Making Pictures series of photography workshops, by ProPix Bangalore has been re-activated due to a volume of demand that was, un-anticipated, to say the least.

The basic promise of this photography workshop is to help people move away from just "taking pictures" to start "Making Pictures"... Over the past several years, these workshops by ProPix have grown to become two solid days of hands on training sessions, balanced with class room learning, covering everything you will need to know about photography. The workshop addresses everything, like mastering the fundamentals of exposure, composition, aesthetics, photography gear, handling lighting situations outdoors and in the field, basic studio and location lighting, and also constructive peer review.

ProPix photography workshops have a reputation for bringing your own creativity to the fore, while you challenge yourself with new found knowledge and skills. ProPix brings to the table a wide variety of photography gear, allowing you to touch, feel, experience and learn as you go along.
It really does not matter, if you have a few days, months, or years of experience, because, we always have something that you can learn. It doesn't matter whether your interest is wildlife photography, nature, portrait, street, still life, or commercial, you will find that the Making Pictures Photography Workshops will fit your needs, perfectly.

We have had a lot of people who have attended photography workshops by ProPix, and then gone on to participate in contests, and even winning awards. This is more so because we allow you to exercise an option to join a recognized/accredited organisation, which in turn opens a whole host of doors in the photographic community, globally.
All workshops are scheduled for weekends, allowing for the relaxed environments that lead to a fun filled learning experience. Of course it helps that a good lunch is included.

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