Carl Zeiss For Canon, Definitely

So, we now have the Carl Zeiss site calling it the ZE. Speculation and conjuncture aside, we are really looking forward to the lenses (read original article here).
Sure Canon has some really good lenses. So does Nikon. But Nikon users still turn to a Zeiss lens when they want the best in glass. The Zeiss lenses are sharp. Sharper than any media available today can reproduce. If I want real colors and sharp images, I use a Zeiss lens. After all, I know that when I print the image or share it with a paying customer, I would much rather use a good lens give them what they are paying me for.
Our customers include doctors, and designers, who swear by the results of the 100mm Makro Planar f2, and the Distagon 25mm.
So when someone asked us the other day, why all this fuss about some lens which is yet to reach the market, I could only say, "It's because these are the sharpest lenses in the world. Nothing less".
Oh, and it helps that they are beautifully crafted and engineered to perfection.

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