Carl Zeiss For Canon EOS ... ?

The Zeiss website is running a teaser campaign on for some time now. We have had some travelers coming down from around Europe enquiring about the possibility that this is a Canon launch, or is it going to be another one of Sony or Hasselblad lenses. Veterans here however feel that it could more probably be Canon than, anything else.

One professional photographer, an old timer actually, did not rule out the possibility of a camera launch either. Industry watchers are speculating that Carl Zeiss could most probably announce the Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f1.4 and/or the Carl Zeiss Planar T* 85mm f1.4, at Photokina 2008. They feel that the Distagon series may be a little way off, as yet. This assumption is based on the fact that the teaser campaign on the Zeiss website is timed too close to Photokina for it to be a coincidence. If this is the case, then we would also expect the lens(es) to be to reach the shelves towards the end of 2008 or maybe in the first quarter on 2009.
Carl Zeiss might very soon start gathering Canon EOS photographers into their fold with the launch of a Z? mount EF bayonet lenses. Considered the finest optics in the world, Carl Zeiss lenses have been impressing Nikon camera owners, across the world. If we are to go with the feedback and reviews from Carl Zeiss customers (including both professional photographers, and also serious enthusiasts), we can very well expect the same and more from the Canon community.
The Canon community has been rather typical, and have been showing excitement, and enthusiasm.
For those who want to know about the specs, visit and check out the Nikon ZF Mount Planar T* 50mm, and the Nikon ZF Mount Planar T* 85mm. Knowing the Zeiss philosophy of perfection, we know that the Canon lenses are not going to be hugely different from the Nikon mounts.
To speculate on electronics, these lenses may have the electronics to convey metering, distance and everything in between. After all, that is already available for the Nikon, Sony and Pentax mounts, so why not the Canon mount? If the lenses have electronics, then we can expect the lenses to provide exif data, carrying all the info.

But the most active speculation we see though has been on whether these lenses will be manual or auto focus.
Now to wait and watch. We know that almost everyone has something or the other that they are launching

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Anonymous said...

Canon patents regarding the EF mount are still valid and enforced. I seriously doubt they would grant a license to Zeiss to make high-end lenses which would directly compete with their offering. They do for third-party low-end lens makers, as a pathway to lure potemtial customers into buying Canon cameras.